1610 BakeHouse

Old Trade & 1610 BakeHouse


Old Trade Brewery  has partnered with 1610 BakeHouse to create a  relaxed environment with traditional tavern food combined with farm crafted beer, cider and wine. 

Below is an example of our recent options:


Tavern Cheese Burger

Tavern Bacon Burger


Brandy Station Burger: Our newest bacon burger with a Jalapeno jam, avocado slice combined with  sharp cheddar cheese.

Tavern Wings: breaded and fried wings  come with two optional sauces(buffalo or Parmesan)

Trade Tacos: pulled pork based in Yum Yum sauce, with  kimchi and red cabbage topped with Sriracha 

Loaded Fries: Our fries are smothered in nacho cheese sauce, bacon bites, chives and our farm jalapenos

Cheese Board: Prosciutto, Coppa, Salami meat with Smoked  British cheddar and Bri with a Jalapeno(grown on the farm)Jam and a side of  pickles and baguette 

 We will always strive to use as much local and seasonal available produce from our farm and our other regional partners!